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Course Overview

Now this is a course not to be missed! Your team will be running through the Heart of Vermont, and that means we designed a course specifically to provide the whole experience. Visit the runners profile for information on individual legs.

Course Start: Trapp Family Lodge
Course finish: Okemo Mountain Resort

Trapp to Town Section:
The course starts off early morning with trail running through the lush trees surrounding the Trapp Family Lodge (yes - the von Trapp Family as in The Sound of Music). Dirt roads past meadows and cows bring runners onto route 100, which will be primarily followed the rest of the course. Running along early sections of route 100 displays quaint Vermont stores and even the Ben & Jerry's factory (be sure to pick up a pint and a spoon!).

Views to Forest Section:
Privileged runners will pass through the first of two covered bridges in the lovely town of Waitsfield and are treated to sweeping views of field and mountain as they leave route 100 for a short jaunt. The Town of Warren holds the second covered bridge and proudly shows the character of a unique Vermont setting. Runners in the middle sections move from the fields and views into the Breadloaf Wilderness, which provides a cooling forest canyon canopy throughout the run. As runners leave this forest canyon we turn to the farming, fields and stream section of the course.

Fields to Streams:
As thick as the forests of Vermont can be, runners will feel the vast openness of the farming and field section. You'll feel solitude in this section but you won't be alone, as the ambling rivers that virtually cover this entire section of the course will be right at your side.

Return to the Mountains:
As traditional as Vermont is, the landscape is ever changing. Runners return from the fields to the mountains as we approach Killington Mountain Resort. Runners will have a first hand view of the power that the mountains of Killington can offer.

From the Lake to Glory:
The mountains on one side and the lakes on the other flank runners as they proceed. This graceful landscape provides the runway for the remainder of the course. Okemo Mountain provides the glorious finish at their Jackson Gore Mountain Resort. Your heart will be racing as your team winds through the entrance to this beautiful retreat. Congratulations, you've made dreams come true.

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