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Individual Registration

An individual registration form must be completed by all team members. If you are the team captain who registered the team then you do not need to complete an individual registration as well.

It is crucial to receive your typical race day 5-mile pace estimate in min/sec in order for us to accurately assign the appropriate start time for your team. Your email address will be your user name for updating your record online. Please be sure to use an email address that you check regularly in case the relay needs to get in touch with you quickly.

Registering as an Alternate for your team
Alternates are extra team members waiting in the wings. Should an injury or event arise that prevents one of your core team members from participating in the event, it is very helpful to have a trained alternate to turn to. We provide each team with (2) alternate slots, and we strongly recommend you take advantage of this feature. To register as an alternate you’ll complete the runner registration form, and be sure to check the box that designates you as an alternate runner for a specific team. The team captain will be able to change the status from “Alternate” to “Active” via the Captain’s Corner if needed. These alternates are not intended for race day substitutions, but rather to replace a runner prior to the event.

Registering as a Floater
Registering as a “Floater” (Runner without a team) If you are committed to running in the event but do not have a team, you can use our “Floater” functionality. Simply complete the Runner Registration form and select “Floater” as your team name. The Floater feature serves as an available runner pool for teams needing additional team members. If you are invited to join a team simply edit your registration to change yourself from the Floater team to your new team. While we can not guarantee that this will result in your ability to participate it is the next best thing to forming a team of your own.

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