Team listing

The following is a list of teams registered to run in the 100 on 100 Relay Race and the start time for each team.

All Start times are subject to slight alterations as we are awaiting full member registration from some teams.

Be sure to register your team today!

NameCategoryRunnersStates RepresentedStart TimeExpected FinishActual FinishPhoto/Description
101 on 100Women6VT 05:45AM09:00PMTBD
12 Cheeks to the WindOpen6CA VT VE 08:15AM09:25PMTBD
12 Legs & 4 TiredsOpen6VT MA 06:30AM09:16PMTBDFour old ladies and two old men, tired of reaching a beach, take on the green mountains.
6 Reasons to Leave Your BoyfriendMen6MA 09:15AM08:46PMTBD
A Dozen Legs on the Lam!Masters Open6VT 07:30AM09:27PMTBD6 teachers running through their summer vacation!
Adi-dashersOpen6NH VT 05:45AM09:00PMTBD
All Downhill From HereUltra Open3NH MA 09:15AM08:46PMTBD
Amateur HoursOpen6MA NY IL 08:00AM09:32PMTBD
American BanditsOpen6VT 07:00AM09:21PMTBD
Another Kind of HurricaneWomen6VT NY 05:45AM09:00PMTBD
Approximately NormalOpen6VT 05:30AM09:58PMTBD
Atlantic SD-1361Open6CT CA VE MD WA 06:30AM09:16PMTBD
Barely Out of DiapersMasters Open6VT 10:15AM08:07PMTBD
Beantown Boot Camp UltraUltra Open2PA MA 05:45AM09:00PMTBD
Beantown Bootcamp Team Cut-ThroatOpen6MA 08:15AM09:25PMTBD
Beer RunMasters Open2VT 05:45AM09:00PMTBD
Blistered SistersWomen6VT 05:45AM09:00PMTBD
Body By....Masters Open6MA 07:30AM09:27PMTBD3 couples, 6 friends at least for now... we will see what happens post race. We've fueled up and trained (sort of).
We are "Body by"... Advil, Pop tarts, Diet Coke, Bacon (really any pork product), Heady Topper, Whistle pig to name a few
BTBC Team GOpen6MA 05:45AM09:00PMTBD
Cabot New Legacy RunnersOpen6VT 07:00AM09:21PMTBD
CandlePinsOpen6NH 09:15AM08:46PMTBDNH High School
Candy and the CanesSuper Masters Open6VT 06:30AM09:16PMTBD
CentipedsOpen6VT MA 07:00AM09:21PMTBD
Crouching Runner Hidden VanOpen6VT 05:45AM09:00PMTBD
Cuz We CanWomen6NH VT 06:30AM09:16PMTBD
Danger ZoneOpen6NY MA 08:15AM09:25PMTBD
Dealer.RUNOpen6VT 08:15AM09:25PMTBD
Delmarsions Super Masters Open6NY 08:15AM09:25PMTBD
Dirt Road Divas 3Women6VT 05:45AM09:00PMTBD
Diva 2Masters Open6VT NH 05:45AM09:00PMTBD
Don't Give A SplitOpen6VT MA 05:30AM09:58PMTBD
EATT (Epic All The Time)Open6NH MA MD RI 08:00AM09:32PMTBDOur crew of misfits that think a weekend in a van running 100 miles is fun.
Eggs and saeline #1Masters Open6CT 07:00AM09:21PMTBD
Energy ShiftOpen6NH 05:30AM09:58PMTBD
F'n Wally and the SurvivorsMasters Open1CT TBDTBDTBD
Fabulous Fartleks Masters Open6VT NH 05:45AM09:00PMTBD
Fading RedOpen6MA PA MD 05:45AM09:00PMTBD
Fancy PantsWomen5VT NH 08:30AM09:15PMTBD
FloaterOpen3ST MA VT 08:15AM09:25PMTBD
Flock of MoosenOpen6VT 06:30AM09:16PMTBD
Flying donutsOpen6NY 09:15AM08:46PMTBD
FOUR of a KINDOpen4MA 08:15AM09:25PMTBD
Fresh Meat Season 2Open6MA 06:30AM09:16PMTBDBeantown Bootcamp Team Freshmeat Season 2 ready to roll for their second year!
Fulsome HunsMen6MA NJ NH 07:30AM09:27PMTBD
Girl's Just Wanna Go RunOpen6VT ME 05:45AM09:00PMTBD
Gravel GrindersOpen7VT 05:30AM09:58PMTBD
Green Mountain GoddessesWomen6VT 06:30AM09:16PMTBD
Green Mountain GringosOpen6MA NH 08:15AM09:25PMTBD
Half & HalfOpen6VT 06:30AM09:16PMTBDWhat a team!!!
Happy CampersOpen5VT NH 06:30AM09:16PMTBD
Happy FeetOpen5MA 06:30AM09:16PMTBD
Hard Sayin' Not Knowin'Open6VT 05:45AM09:00PMTBD
Head over HillsOpen6MA 06:30AM09:16PMTBD
Heavy BreathersOpen6ST ME MA CT 06:30AM09:16PMTBD
High Desert RunnersMasters Open6NY NM VT IL 07:00AM09:21PMTBD
Holy Snailers!Open6NH 05:30AM09:58PMTBD
home for dinnerOpen6MA 08:45AM09:06PMTBD
Hot for TeacherOpen6VT MI 06:30AM09:16PMTBD
Hot MamasWomen6VT 08:00AM09:32PMTBD
HufflepuffsOpen4VT NH 09:15AM08:46PMTBD
Hustle n' FlowOpen6VT 06:30AM09:16PMTBDEmily, Karen, Bridget, Sam, Brad, and Brie, along with navigators/support crew, John and Maddie, are Hustle 'n Flow. Are you ready for us? Didn't think so!
I Stink Therefore I AmMasters Open6VT 05:30AM09:58PMTBD
In Need Of One MoreWomen6MA MT 09:15AM08:46PMTBD
Informal Running BostonMen6MA 08:45AM09:06PMTBD
InitechMasters Open6VT MA NY 08:15AM09:25PMTBD
Is Your Refrigerator Running?Open6VT MA 06:30AM09:16PMTBD
It's all mentalOpen6MA 06:30AM09:16PMTBD
J'adore HardcoreOpen6VT NY 06:30AM09:16PMTBD
Jersey SureMen6VT NJ 08:30AM09:15PMTBD
Joy of RunningOpen6VT 05:30AM09:58PMTBD
Just Meet Me At The TopMasters Open6VT 08:15AM09:25PMTBD
Kaczmarek KrewMen6CT 10:15AM08:07PMTBDThe Blue Wave!
Kickin AssphaltWomen6MA 05:30AM09:58PMTBD
Kickin' AshphaltWomen6CT VT 06:30AM09:16PMTBDThis team is hot to trot and is made up of Mom, her three daughters and their two friends! These girls will surely Kick Asphalt!
Kicking cancers buttOpen6VT SE 05:30AM09:58PMTBD
KingPinsSuper Masters Open6NH 09:15AM08:46PMTBDBowlers with a Running Problem...
Liberty ACWomen6MA 08:00AM09:32PMTBD
Lucky CharmsOpen6CT NJ MA 08:00AM09:32PMTBD
Maple MadnessOpen5VT 05:45AM09:00PMTBD
Master ProcrastinatorsOpen4MA 07:30AM09:27PMTBD
Middlesex MamasSuper Masters Open6VT 07:30AM09:27PMTBD
Mighty QuinnsOpen6NY NJ VT CT 07:30AM09:27PMTBD
Milton High SchooOpen6VT 08:30AM09:15PMTBD
More CowbellOpen6MA NH MD MI 05:30AM09:58PMTBD
MoVillainsMen6MA RI 08:15AM09:25PMTBD
Mumzy's GirlsWomen6PA 05:30AM09:58PMTBD
Never Give Up EverOpen6VT 05:45AM09:00PMTBD
Newport Run and Chug Open6RI MA CT 08:45AM09:06PMTBD
No IdeaOpen6MA 05:45AM09:00PMTBD
OG Beantown Bootcamp Legends.....Pat Who?Open6MA 06:30AM09:16PMTBD
Okemo or Bust!Women6VT NH MA 05:30AM09:58PMTBD
OkemotionMasters Open6VT CO MA 05:30AM09:58PMTBD
Old Ladies on IceOpen6MA 06:30AM09:16PMTBD
OOL no OOLOpen6VE VT VA NH 06:30AM09:16PMTBDThis is our 6th year "running." We're the team with the funny name that is actually 100 on 100 upside down. Our claim to fame is that we take the charity fund-raising very seriously and have banked quite a few Keurig coffee makers as a result.
Oomp- LoompasOpen6VT 06:30AM09:16PMTBD
Pack of WombatsWomen6VT 06:30AM09:16PMTBD
Pain now Beer laterOpen6MA NY 08:30AM09:15PMTBD
Pain Train - DieselMasters Open4NJ PA MA 10:15AM08:07PMTBD
Pain Train - SteamSuper Masters Open6PA MO PE NY NJ CT 10:00AM08:42PMTBD
PharmageddonWomen6VT 05:30AM09:58PMTBD
Phat AngelsSuper Masters Open6VT TX 06:30AM09:16PMTBD
pTerrible pTerodactylOpen6MA 05:45AM09:00PMTBD
RAT PACMasters Open6NH NJ MA 10:00AM08:42PMTBD
Redding Running ClubOpen6CT CO 09:15AM08:46PMTBD
Replicarz On The RunOpen6VT 05:30AM09:58PMTBD
Rez DawgsOpen6MA CT 07:00AM09:21PMTBD
Run DonkeysOpen6VT 06:30AM09:16PMTBD
Run From the HillsOpen6VT 05:30AM09:58PMTBD
Run Hard, Have FunMasters Open6NH 08:00AM09:32PMTBD
Runnin Our Assets OffMasters Open6VT 07:00AM09:21PMTBD
Running CommentaryMasters Open6VT NH 05:45AM09:00PMTBDNothing escapes this team: we are a group of co-workers at HCRS, southeastern Vermont's Community Mental Health agency. What's said in THIS van stays in the van - it's HIPPA protected! Keeping it clean, though - with our handy shower tent!
Running on the EdgeOpen6VT SE CT NH 05:30AM09:58PMTBD
RutRunnersSuper Masters Open6VT VE 07:00AM09:21PMTBD
Saturday Morning GeezersSuper Masters Open6VT 06:30AM09:16PMTBD
Scott's AngelsOpen6VT MA 05:30AM09:58PMTBD
Scrambled Legs and Achin’Masters Open6VT 05:30AM09:58PMTBD
Shaken Not StirredMen6CT MA 05:45AM09:00PMTBD
Six Fast ChicksWomen6VT 05:45AM09:00PMTBD
Six reasons to runSuper Masters Open6VT 05:45AM09:00PMTBD
Soggy WafflesWomen6VT 07:00AM09:21PMTBD
Sole MatesOpen6NY NE 08:00AM09:32PMTBD
Sole SistersOpen6VT NY VE 06:30AM09:16PMTBD
Sole SiXtersWomen6VT 06:30AM09:16PMTBD
Southbound and DownOpen6VT CT 08:30AM09:15PMTBD
Spillane FramilyOpen6VT CA 08:15AM09:25PMTBD
SQRR Thank Cod We Made It!Masters Open6MA 08:30AM09:15PMTBD
SQRR-Running for the HalibutMasters Open6MA 08:00AM09:32PMTBD
Stick FiguresOpen6NH 09:15AM08:46PMTBD
Still runs, needs workSuper Masters Open6NY 08:00AM09:32PMTBD
Stowekemo ExpressOpen6VT NY 08:15AM09:25PMTBD
Super Troopers Masters Open6NJ CT NY 07:30AM09:27PMTBD
Swamp DonkeysOpen6VT 06:30AM09:16PMTBD
Sweaty BettysWomen6VT VE 05:45AM09:00PMTBD
Sweet SundaysWomen6VT 05:30AM09:58PMTBD
TBDOpen6VT MA 06:30AM09:16PMTBD
Team Chocolate MileMasters Open6VT NY MA 08:30AM09:15PMTBD
Team FreedomOpen6MA 08:30AM09:15PMTBD
Team Slow LorisOpen6MA NY 08:15AM09:25PMTBD
Team SmAshWomen6VT ME 06:30AM09:16PMTBD
Team TastykakeMasters Open6VT 08:30AM09:15PMTBD
Team UltraUltra Open3VT 08:15AM09:25PMTBD
Terrible TurtlesOpen6VT 08:45AM09:06PMTBD
The Away TeamOpen4MA 05:45AM09:00PMTBD
The B-17ersSuper Masters Open6MA 08:15AM09:25PMTBDThis is a team of crazy runners whose idea of fun is to run to the top of Mt. Tom on Monday nights, passing this memorial along the way.
The Beast, the Badass, and the Brown GuyUltra Open3VT 05:45AM09:00PMTBD
The Most Informal Relay Runners Ever Open6MA 08:45AM09:06PMTBD
The PacemakersOpen6VT NY 07:30AM09:27PMTBD
The Quick and the DeadUltra Open3MA 08:45AM09:06PMTBD
The Rainbow GirlsWomen6QC QU 06:30AM09:16PMTBD
The ReplacementsOpen6MA 05:45AM09:00PMTBD
The Twisted SistersSuper Masters Open1NH TBDTBDTBD
The U-TurnersOpen5VT MA 07:00AM09:21PMTBDThere were several u turns to get to Stowe the first year and so The U-turners arrived.  Year 5 and we're running 5 strong:  Stephanie, Katelyn, Grace, Seamus and Todd!
The Van of Misfit ToysOpen6MA NH NY 07:00AM09:21PMTBDWelcome to the Van of Misfit Toys.
Third Time's A CharmOpen6NY 06:30AM09:16PMTBD
Three Penny Brew CrewWomen6VT 08:15AM09:25PMTBDThree Penny Brew Crew. Strong young women running the 100 on 100 and having fun.
Jordan Gonda, Annie Strout, Rachel Mueller, Courtney Butler, Leslie Welts, Becky Wasserman (driver, Amber van Zuilen)
Top 6 RulesOpen6VT 06:30AM09:16PMTBD
Tough & TwistedOpen1ME TBDTBDTBD
Tread LightlyOpen6VT NY MA 08:15AM09:25PMTBDIf that's true, if you don't know who we are, then maybe your best course... would be to tread lightly.
Tup's Six PackMasters Open6NH CT NY 07:00AM09:21PMTBD
Ultra SlugsUltra Open3CT 05:30AM09:58PMTBD
UVRC OpenOpen6NH MA VT 06:30AM09:16PMTBD
UVRC representin' thriceOpen6NH VT PA 05:45AM09:00PMTBD
UVRC Super MastersSuper Masters Open6MA NH VT 08:30AM09:15PMTBD
VerBamSotaOpen6VT MN 05:30AM09:58PMTBD
WannabeesMen6MA RI 08:00AM09:32PMTBD
We are the Knights Who Say NiMen6MA IL VT CT TX 08:30AM09:15PMTBD
We Like Our Cans ColdsOpen6NY MA VT 06:30AM09:16PMTBD
We Run For FunMasters Open4MI QC QU 07:00AM09:21PMTBDOn court parce qu'on aime ?a!
weeklingsMasters Open6VT NH 08:15AM09:25PMTBD
Whiskey SixWomen6VT MA NH 09:15AM08:46PMTBD
White Mountain Forest GumpOpen6NH VT 08:00AM09:32PMTBD
Will Run for Heady-TopperOpen6NH 06:30AM09:16PMTBD
Wine Not?Women5VT 07:30AM09:27PMTBD
Witness the FitnessOpen6NJ NY NE 06:30AM09:16PMTBD
Wolf PackMasters Open6VT NY 05:45AM09:00PMTBD
Women Running MildWomen6NH MA 05:45AM09:00PMTBD
WTF (Where's the finish!?)Masters Open6QC ON CA VT 05:45AM09:00PMTBD:)
Y-KnotOpen6MA ME NH 08:15AM09:25PMTBDY-Knot, pretty much the Fab Five and a gorilla.
Your Pace Or MineMasters Open6MA NJ 08:00AM09:32PMTBD

Team count: 182
Runner count: 1034

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