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IMPORTANT COURSE CHANGES: There are two new transition areas for this years race. One by choice and one due to construction. It is critical that you follow the handbook and transition area parking volunteers as one of the new areas is much smaller than we would like. The new transitions have also altered runner mileage and total mileage for this years events. The runners affected are noted below but please review the handbook for all the details.

Runner 1, Leg 7: mileage change to 3.4 (Transition ends at Blueberry Lake)
Runner 2, Leg 8: mileage roughly the same at 8.5 (Transition starts at Blueberry Lake)
Runner 5, Leg 17: mileage roughly the same at 5.3 (Transition ends at Camp Plymouth)
Runner 6, Leg 18: mileage roughly the same at 4.8 (Transition starts at Camp Plymouth)

TEAM HANDBOOK: The 2014 Team Handbook is now ready to download. Be sure to print or save to your digital device so that you have it handy on race day. We will not have any hard copies available on race day.

RACE DAY/NIGHT BEFORE REGISTRATION: As a reminder, registration will be held at Trapp Family Lodge on 8/16/13 from 5-7PM (note this is a time change from last year). Teams may also register the morning of the event. We ask that teams arrive 30-45 minutes prior to the published start times in order to complete registration. Be sure to have all of your safety gear at registration or you will not be permitted to start the race.

SAFETY GEAR: It is never too soon to be thinking about the safety during the event, especially during the night legs. We have partnered with Illuminite to provide you with a great night-time visibility gear. We plan to have a small selection of these on hand at the start of the race, but you can pre-order now at our race store. Simply order today and we will have them available as part of your team package at the start. Registration packages cannot be picked up until each teams safety gear is checked so please be sure to bring it with you to the registration table when you arrive.

As noted on the website and within the handbooks, each team is required to have (2) safety vests (2) headlamps or flashlights and (2) rear facing flashing lights. Each team will have their safety gear checked at Registration and won’t be allowed to register without it.

START TIMES: We will begin posting start times in the near future for teams that have their full complement of runners signed up. These times are subject to alteration however, they should be pretty close if your entire team is currently registered and their paces remain unchanged. Once final start times are locked and loaded we’ll let you all know. As a reminder, please have all of your team members sign up today so that we can finalize the start times for all. Team Captains may use the Captain's Corner to view the posted start time as well as the expected finish time. Note: we are looking to start this years race 15 minutes earlier due to some course changes that were required this year.

OKEMO POST-RACE BREAKFAST: Okemo Mountain is hosting a killer post-race breakfast right at Jackson Gore Resort the morning after the race. This will be the first showing of race day photos. This is such a nice way to wrap up the weekend before everyone hits the road. Kick back with great grub and reminisce over a nice cup o’ joe. Bookings can be made at Okemo's Website.

ADDITIONAL POST RACE DINNER TICKETS: for friends/family as there are few other options for them at that time of night: On race day the “MEAL TICKET” stub on your race bib serves as your pass to the post-race meal. For those of you with a driver or family members joining you at the finish line, additional tickets will need to be purchased in advance. The course is very rural and there simply aren’t many options unless you’ve planned in advance. The price for the meal this year is $20 per person. Tickets may be purchased online at the Heart of Vermont Productions store. and must be purchased before August 3rd!

FUNDRAISING: Now is the time to make the push on helping us increase the amount we can donate each year to our partner charities. We are again working with the Boys and Girls Clubs in Vermont and very hopeful that all of you will take up the initiative to raise money. Visit our Charities page for more information and to start your own fundraising page today!

KILLINGTON COSTUME LEG #14: Both the Killington Uphill (#14) and Killington Downhill (#15) have become the topic of legends. For the past few years the Killington Uphill (#14) has been “the costume leg” and brought out incredible get-ups (Spider-man, a Nun, etc). The leg is amongst the toughest on the course and think of the pride you’ll feel once you not only complete it, but do so in style!

VOLUNTEERS: We are still in need of several key volunteers to support a few transitions. If you aren’t running this year please consider volunteering or have your family members volunteer so that they can become a part of the event too. Register today!



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