Weather Alert / Race Day Announcements


Looks like we are in for quite an adventure on Saturday. Well the 100on100 Relay is all about adventure so we're up for the challenge. However, in order for us all to stay safe we need to work together and operate from the same playbook. Remember that this race is less about winning and more about spending the day with friends and doing what we love to do a running adventure. We value safety and fun over finish times and winning.

Please find below some critical information for how we intend to move through the day on Saturday.

Due to the nature of our rural course, distance, and lack of reliable communications, it will be VERY difficult for us to monitor team that need to take shelter and wait out a weather situation or those teams that decide to drive to the next transition area in their Vehicle. We will of course still capture final times across the finish line but if we experience a significant weather situation we will not be monitoring elapsed times.

Weather overview from Gary @WCAX

The National Weather Service has put up a Flash Flood Watch for just about all of VT and northern NY:

Now it looks like rain may already be starting in the morning on Friday, in the northern counties . . . . (Stowe starting area!). Then the showers & thunderstorms move slowly southward. There will be a bit of a lull on Friday night. Then right back at it on Saturday. Several rounds of heavy rain & thunderstorms will come through during the day - again tough to narrow down exact time and location of the heavier waves of rain. Individual thunderstorm cells can pop up quickly. So, if the sky turns extra dark and you hear thunder/see lightning, please take shelter (in your team van) until the cell passes. Currently the threat is mostly heavy rain, more so than lightning but, there will be some lightning.

It will still be hot & humid on Friday, but not as hot as today - mid-80s for highs. And the dewpoints will still be miserably high right through the 2 days, in the upper 60s and low 70s . . . "oppressive humidity."

About the only good news is that Saturday is looking just a bit "cooler" (or not as hot?). Looks like high temperatures will be more in the mid-70s. But still muggy and really wet.

If there are any sunny breaks, they won't last long, and it will be extra steamy during those times.

The wind will be light & variable, generally speaking. But during an individual thunderstorm outbreak, there could be brief, gusty winds.


  • In the event of a weather situation involving heavy rain, thunder or lightning you should seek shelter in your support vehicle
  • It is your teams responsibility to ensure you are safe from the weather and your teams should be monitoring your progress and the weather during your leg of the race.
  • Drivers, please support other teams runners in the event their van is close by during a weather event (what a better way to bond)
  • Drivers, Please use vehicle Hazards during heavy rain
  • Remember other drivers will not expect you to be on the road running if the weather is bad and their visibility will be limited.
  • You will be required to wear all safety gear in the event of weather situation; This is your responsibility and is not optional. Runners without their gear during a weather situation may be pulled from the course.
  • Respect the Volunteers directions, they have the authority to disqualify any team not cooperating with safety instructions
  • While running in the rain is allowed, we require you take shelter when you hear thunder or lighting.
  • Swimming - Please refrain from swimming. Rivers in VT can rise VERY quickly even if it is not raining where you are rivers can rise VERY quickly in VT due to the mountainous terrain as well as the dry conditions we have experienced this summer.
  • If you arrive at a volunteer station and the volunteers are not visible, they have likely taken shelter due to the weather. Know that we have instructed them to do this for their safety.
  • If you decide to drive to the next transition area, pleas alert the volunteers of your decision and your team name/bib #. You can carry on from there but your time will be shown as a DNF. You will still be responsible for staying within our support infrastructure based upon your start time and pace
  • If you decide to wait out a weather situation in your vehicle, you are still responsible for staying within your expected finish time based upon your start time and team pace.
  • Runners, please wear extra visible clothes if you have them


  • Where possible please use your vehicle to pull near the transition and turn on your flashers if the weather turns bad and visibility is reduced
  • Please move to your vehicles if you are experiencing any Thunder and Lighting and please encourage runners to do the same.
  • Please ensure all runners are wearing full safety gear in the event of rain and poor visibility

Review Course Signage

Signage:  Mile markers are placed along the entire course.  Due to guardrails and property restrictions there will be areas that we cannot place the mile marker sign in the correct location.  If this occurs we will place the sign at the closest possible location that we can.  If a suitable location cannot be found we may choose to not place the sign at all.  This might result in a runner encountering Mile #1 sign, then skipping the Mile #2 sign, and then back to the Mile #3 sign. Additionally, in years past mile markers have been removed without our knowledge, you and your team are responsible for knowing the course. Do not rely solely on course signage.

Construction: Summer is construction season in VT and there are several places where you will have single lane traffic. Van drivers please remember to slow down through these areas. Runners, please pay extra attention when running through these tight sections. Areas with construction include: Leg #4, #7, #11.

Review Key Rules/Safety

Safety/IPODs:  Night gear will begin to be required at either the Killington Ramshead or Skyship Transitions.  If running with an IPOD it is required that only (1) earpiece be used so that traffic and volunteer instructions can be easily heard. Violations of this rule may results in team disqualification.

Safety/Running on the "Correct" side of the road: It is imperative that runners run on the side of the road that contains the signage and is indicated in the handbook. This does not always mean that you are running on the left hand side of the road. This is by design for safety. If runners take it upon themselves to change to other side of the road it actually makes it less safe for all runners as cars are squeezed on both sides. Running on the wrong side of the road is cause to be removed from the course.

Parking/Window Placard:  Each team will receive (1) windshield placard, which must be attached to the interior rear view mirror of the team vehicle.  Any vehicle without a placard may be asked to leave a Transition Area.  Cars will be asked to park very closely together to maximize our Transition Areas, please follow the directions of your parking attendant. Remember teams are only allowed (1) one vehicle on the course.

Parking/Trapp Family Lodge: While on the Trapp Family Lodge property there is no honking of This includes driving down the dirt road during the second leg. There are no exceptions to this rule. Our start puts us at the lodge bright and early and paying guests deserve to enjoy this scenic beauty in peace. Additionally if you need to leave your car overnight at the start it needs to be located in the dirt parking lot across the street.

Team Delay/Skip ahead Checkpoints: In order to work within the event infrastructure there may be times where teams running faster than their expected pace may be held. This year's Team Delay checkpoint will be at the Verde Antiques location. We have extended the volunteering times on the Southern half of the course to avoid stopping teams, but we appreciate your understanding should this occur to your team.

We have also implemented a Team Skip Ahead checkpoint for teams falling behind our support infrastructure. This year's checkpoint will be the Killington Skyeship transition. Any team arriving at Killington Skyeship after 8:20 PM will be required to drive directly to the next transition at Plymouth Town Offices where they may resume running. If this happens to your team, be sure to notify the Team Captain at Plymouth Town Offices that you were asked to skip ahead.

Have Fun, Support Your Team, Support Other Runners, Be respectful of the towns and Transition areas Thanks Volunteers.