Email Communication Sent 8/6/2017

There is really nothing like RACE WEEK! The energy is high, the nerves are raw and you are double and triple checking every detail to make sure you have everything. We can assure you we are right there with you. We are looking ahead at a fabulous weekend in the hills of the Green Mountains and we are thrilled to have you along on this yearly adventure through all Vermont has to offer.

Below you will find tons of very critical information. Please be sure all members of your team have read this email and have reviewed the race rules. Even if you have participated in the event for years there are changes you need to be aware of.


We have a few key course change this year you need to know about. First off we have moved the start line to the new Von Trapp Brewery. Be sure you are aware of the location before you arrive. With this change we have adjustments to both Leg#1 and Leg#2. The website has been updated but the details are also below.

LEG#1 - The Black lines on the map below highlight the route. Basically we are running the same route in past years in reverse with a small .6 mile extension of great single track. 

LEG#2 - Will take the handoff at the Brewery and follow the Yellow line. You will run alongside the first leg for the first .5 and then splits off through the meadow heading out to Trapp Hill Road as in past years. This brings this leg to 7.2 Miles.


1) Final Start Times: Times are should be considered final unless you have an unusual circumstance that needs to be considered or the information looks incorrect. Start Times Can Be Found Here

2) Registration and Pre-Registration: Pre-Registration at  the Trapp Brewery and Bierhall is on Friday, August 11th from 4-7 PM. Should you not be able to attend on Friday, registration re-opens at 5:00 AM on race day in the same location. Your team should be at registration at least 30 minutes prior to your posted start time. We have a lot of teams starting early on Saturday so we encourage you all to come on Friday when the line will be shorter.

3) Required Safety Gear: As noted on the website and within the handbook, each team is required to have (2) safety vests (2) headlamps or flashlights and (2) rear facing flashing lights. Each team will have their safety gear checked at Registration and won't be allowed to register without it. As of the Killington Skyeship transition, all teams will be required to put on their safety gear for the remaining legs, no exceptions. In the event of inclement weather, please also put on the gear to increase visibility. Volunteers have been instructed to look at the weather and may ask you to put the gear on early. This is for your increased safety so please oblige their advice. If you need to purchase a flasher or a safety vest we have a limited supply available at the merchandise table. 

4) Handbooks: Be sure to print your own copy of the Handbook prior to the event. The course will be well marked, but the handbook is the best reference to guide you through the course. Unfortunately signs can go missing, but if you have the handbook you'll be all set. The 2017 Handbook is now available on the website

5) Volunteers: Please be sure to thank the volunteers and shake their hand, as this event is not possible without them. If you are volunteering please remember to bring a watch and consider bringing an umbrella as well in case storms materialize. Volunteer assignments have all been sent in a prior email.

6) Vehicles: As previously mentioned, teams are only allowed (1) vehicle on the course, any extra vehicles being left at Trapp Family Lodge should be parked in the dirt parking lot across the street from our official start line. Many of our Transition Areas are small and simply can't accommodate spectators or additional race vehicles.Vehicles left in the grassy lot at Trapp Family Lodge will be towed at the owner's expense.

7) Team Delay/Skip ahead Checkpoints: In order to work within the event infrastructure there may be times where teams running faster than their expected pace may be held. This year's Team Delay checkpoint will be at the Verde Antiques location. We have also implemented a Team Skip Ahead checkpoint for teams falling behind our support infrastructure. This year's checkpoint will be the Killington Skyeship transition. Any team arriving at Killington Skyeship after 8:20 PM will be required to drive directly to the next transition at Plymouth Town Offices where they may resume running. Additionally, team may be asked to hold or skip ahead at other transitions if the day dictates. If this happens to your team, be sure to notify the Team Captain at Plymouth Town Offices that you were asked to skip ahead.

8) Earphones: Many races have begun banning the use of earphones while running. We understand the inspiration it provides many of you and will allow the use of (1) earphone only. This means at the transitions, or during the run, only (1) earphone is allowed. This is for your safety so please do your part.

9) Killington Costume Leg #14: Both the Killington Uphill (#14) and Killington Downhill (#15) have become the topic of legends. The leg is amongst the toughest on the course and think of the pride you'll feel once you not only complete it, but do so in style!

10) Weather: The long-range forecast shows season temperatures in the mid to high 70's with partly cloudy skies and a 40% chance of showers. But in Vermont the weather changes minute by minute so be ready for anything. The one element we cannot control is the weather. Be sure to plan ahead and bring everything you think you will need for race day. In the event a thunderstorm should pass through during your leg of the event, your support vehicle will serve as your shelter. Please wait-out the storm in the vehicle and then proceed as normal. If you choose to drive to the next transition area, please notify the captain so we can record this.

11) Merchandise: We are proud to roll out the 2017 Official Race merchandise for sale at the start and at the finish accepting credit cards, cash or check. We will also have a great selection of vintage gear to replace your favorite items.

12) Post Race Dinner & Harpoon: Harpoon Beer/Cider will be for sale for a nominal charge at the finish line party. Nothing like finishing a fantastic day with a fresh Harpoon! Also, keep in mind personal alcohol is not allowed on the course, or at the post race party. Please remember that your bib ticket will be the only way for you to enter the food line unless you have pre-purchased additional meal-tickets. No ticket, no admittance. A limited supply of dinner tickets will be available at the merchandise table.

13) Race Day Coffee and Yogurt: We are pleased to have Cabot Creamery at the start providing fresh Yogurt with Maple Syrup as well as plenty of coffee to get you going. 

14) Post Race Breakfast: Tickets for the Okemo Post Race Breakfast (Aug 13) can still be purchased on the Okemo website. We hope to see you there.

15) Fundraising/Donations: Now is the time to make the push on helping us increase the amount we can donate each year to our partner charities. We are again working with the Boys and Girls Clubs in Vermont and very hopeful all of you will take up the initiative to raise money. Please visit our Charities page for more information and to start your own fundraising page today!



  • Have fun and help others have fun
  • Be safe
  • Please park cars very closely together to maximize space at TA's
  • Be a good neighbor!
  • Run on the designated side of the road
  • Respect all the race rules, they are in place to keep you safe

Looking forward to celebrating another great year at the Post Race Party!
Rob, and the rest of the 100on100 team