2018 Race Update

Thank you for your participation, volunteer efforts and support of 100on100 Relay. Unfortunately, we will not be hosting this event in 2018.

We've had quite a run over the past 13 years and are deeply grateful to have had such wonderful participants, sponsors, and volunteers. We're thankful to have been in a position to support our local charities and we couldn't have imagined a more beautiful backdrop for it all. 

This event was always intended to create experiences, bringing people together from different backgrounds and locations for a day of self selected "suffering". New relationships formed, old ones were rekindled. Challenges were set and overcome, personal growth was achieved. These are now woven into our core fabric and have become the stories we carry and share over and over again with team mates and friends. These experiences are what makes us who we are, inspiring and motivating us to move forward, to continue seeking.   

So what's in store for the future? We're continuing to look for partners who have an interest in leading the 100on100 Relay forward with renewed vision and energy. In the meantime we'll be out seeking epic new adventures of our own.

We want to thank you each and every one of you for all you've brought to the 100on100 Community! We'll sincerely miss seeing you this August but we look forward to hearing  stories from your next adventure.

Until then...
The 100on100 Relay Team (Rob, Scott, Vicki, Kate and Mike)