This running experience is for the adventurous athlete on the team seeking variety. A little trail running starts you off (consider bringing a second pair of shoes in case of mud) and you'll be thankful for such an easy and scenic first leg. While the first leg is short and easy, the next two are complete opposites. Your second leg starts on top of a hill and descends the valley into the quaint town of Warren. You'll feel like you are in a Norman Rockwell painting as your jaunt through this sleepy village includes a run through a covered bridge. Ok, so your first leg was easy and in the woods, your second had a lot of downhill and some Vermont charm, your third must be, gulp, uphill. The third leg is a bugger as it is just a steady climb.

Leg #1

Description: The runner lucky enough to start the race for their team starts uphill and runs along the Greenway Loop before dropping into the densely wooded trails of the Trapp Family Lodge. This 2.6 mile loop provides the excitement of the start and the quiet of the woods, only to return to the buzzing crowds circling the start line and the first transition. This Trail run provides a great mix of meadow, wide trail and single track

Rating: Green Circle
Distance: 2.6
Transition Location: Trapp Family Lodge

Leg #7

Description: This leg leaves the Horse Farm and continues with the sweeping views of Sugarbush ski area. The course dips downward into the start of a heavily forrested section of the course. Runners turn left onto Main St in the town of Warren and then turn right onto a covered bridge at the far end of downtown as cars take an alternate route. As runners rejoin Rte 100 they continue along the left side of the road until they receive crossing guard assistance near the transition. The transition is on the right at a large picnic area.

Rating: Black Diamond
Distance: 6.6
Transition: RT 100 Picnic Area

Leg #13

Description: This leg returns us from pastureland to the mountains, begging the question "What terrain is truly the Heart of Vermont: Mountain or Field?". This third leg is a bugger as it is just a steady climb.

Rating: Double Black Diamond
Distance: 6.7
Transition: Killington Ski and Sport