This running experience is for the extravert who likes to keep their mind busy so the body forgets what it is doing. All three of your legs have some component of bustling towns or villages to look at. The first leg provides the shops and tourist landmarks of Stowe and Waterbury, where there will be much to see and many people to wave to (we know how you extraverts are). Your second leg comes after a long contemplative run by your teammate and brings you back into civilization through the towns of Granville and Hancock. Although stores and people don't line the route (remember this is still Vermont - We don't have that many stores) you won't feel alone as you pop in and out of these towns enroute to your finish. The third leg on your journey starts from the Ramshead Lodge of Killington Ski Area, which is always busy with summer events. The third leg is a serious downhill. You'll be glad that your mind is busy so you can't focus on your throbbing quads.

Leg #3

Description: This run starts with views of the Green Mountains, rolls along Rte 100 with shops, Inns and tourist landmarks. Shortly after passing Ben and Jerry's and the Thatcher Brook Inn, you will roll down the hill and turn left onto residential Stowe Street. At the end of Stowe St, turn left onto Rte 100 again and enter historic downtown Waterbury. Travel along the sidewalk on the left and then use crossing guard assistance as you turn right onto Rte 100. You'll now climb the last hill to Crossett Brook School.

Rating: Black Diamond
Distance: 7.0
Transition: Crossett Brook School

Leg #9

Description: The forest is left behind and the full pasturelands of the Green Mountains begin. This leg is mainly flat and transitions at Verde Antiques in the quiet town of Hancock.

Rating: Green Circle
Distance: 3.5
Transition: Verde Antiques

Leg #15

Description: Runners accept the handoff at the underground tunnel and follow the signs back up the hill where they turn right onto East Mountain Road. This road has a number of switchbacks and is seriously downhill, with just a few uphills mixed in for fun. Watch out quads!

Rating: Double Black Diamond
Distance: 4.5
Transition: Killington Sky Ship