This running experience is for the steady and trustworthy teammate seeking consistency. Not only do all three of these legs cover terrain that is similar in nature (minus the hill of your first leg) they are all of middle distance. The first leg is a challenge as it ascends a tough hill and finishes with a downhill stretch. The second leg is uncharacteristically flat for Vermont and your consistent steady strides will make the time fly by as you enjoy the scenery. The third leg is also mainly flat and brings you into the Town of Plymouth with that unswerving pace fully in tact.

Leg #4

Description: This leg is one of the tougher legs in the race due to uphill terrain, but runners brave enough are rewarded with a downhill finish.

Rating: Black Diamond
Distance: 5.5
Transition: Harwood Union High School

Leg #10

Description: Runners leave the transition and continue along Rte 100 passing more of Vermont's heartland on this mainly flat and easy run. 

Rating: Blue Square
Distance: 4.2
Transition: Rochester Elementary School

Leg #16

Description: Teams have plenty of room to stretch their legs at this transition and runners leave this area with a relatively easy run into the town of Plymouth. Be sure to notice that Rte 100 splits from Rte 4, and Rte 100 goes to the right. 
Rating: Black Diamond
Distance: 6.2

Transition: Plymouth Town Office and Fire Department.