This running experience is for your team hero. This person will sacrifice early on for their team, but also gets to bring home the glory on the final leg. The first leg for the hero is a beautiful run with incredible views off to the right. This leg is one big hill from start to finish and the length is not short. Those of you willing to lay yourself down for your team will thrive on the challenge of this hill. The second leg won't bog you down with hills, and is in fact virtually flat. Teams will really be clumping together at this stage and pushing yourself harder and faster will be crucial to keeping up with other competitors. The third leg is of middle distance and is the final push for the entire team. You will be carrying the hopes of your team through the winding entrance to Okemo Mountain's Jackson Gore resort. You are the hero, we know you won't let them down.

Leg #6

Description: Runners start flat along Rte 100 and almost immediately turn left onto Bridge Street and traverse the Covered Bridge. East Warren Road then splits to the right just after the bridge, and runners are treated to some of the most scenic views along the course. It wouldn't be the Heart of Vermont without a hill before those sweeping views are seen though. As a tribute to the horse farms in the region we've dubbed a feature on this leg "The Saddle". You'll know when you're there as you'll rapidly drop 300 vertical feet only to climb back up it on the other side. A Vermont race wouldn't be complete without a farm transition and Wadham's Stable Morgan Horse Farm serves as the transition for this leg of the race.

Rating: Double Black Diamond
Distance: 5.8
Transition: Wadham's Horse Farm

Leg #12

Description: This leg is flat and fast! Teams are really clumping together at this point so this is the time to make your move and separate from the pack enroute to the Clear River Inn Transition. This is a very enjoyable middle distance flat run jaunting through the growing town of Pittsfield.

Rating: Blue Square
Distance: 5.3
Transition: Clear River Inn

Leg #18

Description: This is the leg you've been waiting for. Beginning along the shores of Echo lake and heading directly to the mountain-side finish. The leg is mainly flat and excitement levels will make this leg fast. Runners continue on Rte 100 until the intersection of Rte 103, where they receive crossing guard assistance as they turn right onto Rte 103 and cross to the left side of the road. Runners turn left into Okemo's Jackson Gore resort and parade along the dramatic finish at Okemo Mountain.

Rating: Blue Square
Distance: 4.8
Transition: Jackson Gore Ice House