Step 1: The online team registration form must be completely filled out by the Team Captain (thereby also registering the Team Captain as a runner) and, along with payment, secures the entire team's registration.

Step 2: The Team Captain will need to enter a team name to represent the entire team. Please use discretion when choosing your team name as any name deemed inappropriate by the event committee will result in the team name being changed to the last name of the team captain. Many teams paint their vehicles with their team name and we need to ensure appropriate "advertising" throughout the communities we travel through.

Step 3: Select the appropriate Team Category based upon the definitions provided.

  • Ultra Open: Any combination of Men and Women with 2-3 team members
  • Ultra Super Masters: Any combination of Men and Women - all team members over 40
  • Open Full Team: Any combination of Men and Women with one or more team members under the age of 30
  • Masters Full Team: Any combination of Men and Women with all team members over the age of 30
  • Super Masters Full Team: Any combination of Men and Women with all team members over the age of 40
  • Women: Any team with 4-6 members who are all Women
  • Men: Any team with 4-6 members who are all Men

Step 4: After receipt of your team entry form and payment in full, the team captain will receive a confirmation notice verifying your team's registration. This verification marks the beginning of the individual runner registration period for your team. The team captain will then send a link to the individual team member registration page, inviting his team members to sign up for his team.  Remember, you as a Team Captain must also register on this page. On this form individuals can list their age, estimated pace per mile, shirt size and sign the waiver.  Should an individual need to drop out of the relay, you can use this same page to remove yourself from that team list.

Individual runners
Once a team has paid its entry fee, individual runners may add themselves to a team.

Replacing team members
If a team member needs to be replaced, the team captain or individual can remove the original runner's information. Then a new runner for the team may be added.   All changes will go through the same individual team registration online form.

Individual Registration

Team members should be 18 years or older. An individual registration form must be completed by all team members including the captain.  Your team captain should provided you with the individual team member link. As you fill out the form you will be prompted to type in a team name.  Be sure to use the same team name your captain provided. As you submit the form there will be no registration fee as your team captain has already paid for your team.

It is crucial to receive your typical race day pace estimate in min/sec (example: 08:30) in order for us to accurately assign the appropriate start time for your team. As a guide, use your normal half marathon pace. Your email address will be your user name for updating your record online. Please be sure to use an email address that you check regularly in case the relay needs to get in touch with you quickly.

Note the time you enter is the estimated time per mile for all legs of your journey. It is better to be conservative, especially if you do not run regularly on hilly terrain.