There are a few different ways to volunteer.  Please read this entire page and then select the option that is best for you! Volunteer Registration will be opening ealry spring! 

1. Individual Volunteer: As an individual you’ll be able to select the exact transition area that you’d like to be assigned. You’ll also be able to take advantage of our “Buddy System” where you can volunteer at the same location as a friend. 

 Choose this option if you are;

  • Registering as an individual and not one of our charity partners
  • Not registering as part of a Volun-Team
  • Using our "Volunteer with a Buddy" functionality

2. Volun-Team: Create a team of volunteers and encourage your friends and neighbors to pitch in and help out as a group. Runners aren’t the only ones who get to experience the “Team” concept in this great event. A Volun-Team only needs to be created once, and once created individuals will be able to register as a member of your Volun-Team! 

Choose this option if you are:

  • Creating a new Volun-Team. Once a team is created you can encourage your friends and neighbors to select the option below to become a member of your Volun-Team.

3. Join a Volun-Team: If you are registering as a representative or member of one of our charity partners, or wish to join a previously established Volun-Team.

Choose this option if you are:

  • Registering as a representative or member of one of our charity partners.
  • Joining a previously established Volun-Team

The 100on100 relay is about building community spirit and helping our neighbors. It is critical to the success of the event to have as many able volunteers as possible. Plus it is for a very worthy cause.


Click the Transition to get directions.

TA01 - Von Trapp Bierhall
TA02 - Hunger Mountain Church
TA03 - Crossett Brook School
TA04 - Harwood Union School
TA05 - Waitsfield Common
TA06 - Wadham's Horse Farm
TA07 - RT 100 Picnic Area
TA08 - Granville Town Hall
TA09 - Verde Antiques
TA10 - Rochester Elementary School
TA11 - Ted Green Ford
TA12 - Clear River Inn
TA13 - Killington Ski & Sport
TA14 - Killington Ramshead Lodge
TA15 - Killington Skyship
TA16 - Plymouth Town Office
TA17 - Plymouth State Park (Camp Plymouth)
FINISH - Okemo Jackson Gore